Thursday, 7 July 2011


OK! I'm a cheerleader now
You ain't got no alibi you ugly
Eh! Hey! You ugly
I saw you walking down the street just the other day
I didn't see your damage from that far away
I should have got a clue when the kids started screaming
You walked up to me with your buck teethe a gleaming
Your hair was all frizzy and your face was a mess
I thought it was a sack but it's your favourite dress
You hurt the trees feelings and the birds all flew
I don't mean to insult you
Oh wait! Yes I do.
Your teeth are yellow, they're covered in mould
You're only fourteen you look a hundred years old
When looks were handed out you were last in line
Your face looks like where the sun don't shine
Did you fall off a building and land on your head
Or did a truch run over your face instead
There ain't no pill cos you ain't ill
You're ugly!
U.G.L.Y You ain't got no alibi you ugly eh! Hey! You ugly
What you really need is to wear a mask
And book that plastic surgeon fast
You're scary - You're hairy I heard about you
You're the main attraction at the city zoo
You're so fat and ugly with a belly full of flab
When you wear a yellow coat people shout out cab

You got eyes like a pig and your nose is big
And with hair like that you should be wearing a wig
Uncle Fester remember him? I never knew that you had a twin
You can't disguise your googly eyes
In the Miss Ugly pageant you win first prize
Yo mama says you ugly -
You ugly!
You could make an onion cry
Like an alien chased by the F.B.I.
U.G.L.Y You ain't got no alibi you ugly!

(Tengah2 syok online ari ni..tibe2 notification masuk..pas2 aimi pon tngk la..nk tngk sape lak yg coment2 kat fb ni kan..pas2 tngk2 syidaaaa anta lirik lagu ni..hehe..teringat lak mase dulu kat jengke..nuna slalu pasang n then kite org nyanyi kuat2 hehe..rindu cangat kat dieorg....)

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